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A Simple, Elegant Design for Building Directories

INFORCENTER designs a simple way to deliver and exhibit a building directory for One Buffalo Heights

The directory compliments the lobby with frame and cover matching building finishes.

We were looking for a way to deliver a directory that was simple to install, easy to maintain, and flexible enough to compliment any building lobby. We defined detailed specifications but needed an expert to make it a reality. For that, we called on long-time collaborator, James Wheat, of Babendure Wheat Creative to assist in the process. As usual, James' advice and design expertise, from both a aesthetic and functional perspective, was invaluable in developing a design that met our long term criteria. Since then, we have commissioned the fabrication of this design for a variety of office buildings with displays ranging from 32" to 75", using it in both Portrait and Landscape orientation.

The slim profile, elegant design is a compliment to the lobby environment.

In addition, we included INFORCENTER QR as part of their software subscription to allow users to scan the QR code from the header of the directory for visitors who wanted the directory placed into their hands for either convenience or safety.

Visitors can have the directory in their hands by simply scanning the QR code.

If you're not yet ready to go with a QR phone directory only, contact us for software alternatives. We can accommodate virtually any size display from iPads to large format displays.

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