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QR Signs are Everywhere

QR Signs are everywhere, from providing fast and convenient access to restaurant menus to extending the information available in a typical television commercial.

QR Codes are used to deliver Menus all over the world

QR Codes are convenient, easy to use, and require no app. Simply point the camera on your phone at the QR Code and you're instantly directed to the information you need.

Since the onset of Covid, QR Codes have become ubiquitous, accelerated by the need for "touchless" interaction. We've seen them in airports for completing travel forms, on Digital Signs for providing additional information, and in elevators for directing passengers to information about resort activities or spa services. They are everywhere and people love the convenience and instant information delivered directly to their personal devices.

Digital Signs feature QR Codes in the baggage claim area of the Cancun Airport

If you have a concern that QR Codes are not used by the masses, just look around. You'll see the evidence of their pervasiveness in all kinds of uses and it will make your life just a bit easier.

QR Codes posted in Resort elevators to provide information on activities and services

Take the opportunity to use QR Codes for your own business. The benefits are outstanding and the cost is low or non-existent, in virtually all areas including equipment, service, maintenance, deployment, and time.

Check out how you can deploy INFORCENTER as the directory in your building by following our HELP CENTER for ideas and assistance or the IDEA GALLERY to see how others are using QR signage or providing services to those who do.


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