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Sign Stands for Flexible Placement in Your Building

Sign Stands from Amazon provide flexible options for temporary or permanent QR Directory sign placement anywhere in your building.

A durable sign stand holds a 11" by 17" QR sign.

Sign Stands are available from Amazon and others that provide temporary or permanent installation solutions for QR signs. For under $75, you can purchase attractive, durable, and cost-effective signage to deploy in your building, and it arrives within two days. Five minutes of assembly, print the sign from your color printer (or send it off to Office Depot), and place it in the stand. INFORCENTER will provide you the template for use in Canva and you simply drag and drop your graphics and change the colors to suit the identity of the building.

Print the sign on your color printer.

Simply place the sign into the frame and snap it shut.

We were pleasantly surprised at how attractive the sign was. While not "architectural level", this stand allows you to get up and running quick at a reasonable cost with little effort.

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